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Burn / Wound Care

Promethean makes GammaGraft® for surface wounds, both chronic and traumatic. 

GammaGraft has unrivalled ease of use and safety and provides one of the easiest biological grafts for patient compliance.

McCall International Medical Burn and Wound Care



GammaGraft® available from McCall Internationial Medical, is a thin layer of human dermis with the epidermal layer in tact.  It works as a biologic bandage that will be sloughed off as the tissue below it heals.  It does not generally need any fixation as the natural Thrombin will make it stick down.  


It is perfect for burns, surgical wounds, diabetic wounds and vascular wounds.  If you have any questions please contact us.  There are only three reasons that GG would not adhere to the patient.  First, it will not adhere if the wound is grossly infected.  Second, if the necrotic tissue was not removed.   Finally it will not adhere if it is put on upside down (epidermis to patient).

   GammaGraft® Benefits:

  • Gamma irradiated human skin allograft that can be stored at room temperature for up to two years.

  • Pre-hydrated, no washing or preparation required before usage, can be applied in clinical settings without the need of costly Operating Room time!

  • Irradiation acts to preserve and sterilize both the epidermal and dermal layers of skin making it an ideal vapor barrier which easily self-adheres to a wound site alleviating pain while limiting fluid, electrolyte and protein loss.

  • Ideal for transplant patients; HIV positive patients; patients with compromised immune systems.


Venus stasis ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers

Full thickness ulcers

Partial thickness wounds

Fasciotomy sites

Mohs surgery sites

Skin graft donor sites

Areas of dermabrasion

Exposed pericranium and cranium

Fasciotomy sites

Temporary coverage of exposed abdominal viscera including small bowel and liver


Areas of excision which are not closed pending final pathology report


GammaGraft® Resources
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