DCI Spine

McCall International Medical provides DCI Donor Services.  DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank’s, exclusive ASP technology combines an isotonic calcium chloride preservation media with a state of the art PETE tray system to provide allografts immediately
ready for implantation. The technology allows allografts to be stored in a fully hydrated state at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for lengthy graft preparation.

McCall International Medical DCI Spine

Testing conducted by DCI Donor Services and independent sources
has demonstrated the patent pending technology:

  • Retains the native biomechanical strength of the allograft

  • Preserves the natural biological structure of the tissue by preventing calcium leaching into the storage media

  • Eliminates microcracks that can be formed during freeze-drying processes

  • Provides a biologically favorable environment for issue remodeling

  • Validated for a five-year shelf life

McCall International Medical cortical cervical spacer

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