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DCI Spine

McCall International Medical provides DCI Donor Services.  DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank’s, exclusive ASP technology combines an isotonic calcium chloride preservation media with a state of the art PETE tray system to provide allografts immediately
ready for implantation. The technology allows allografts to be stored in a fully hydrated state at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for lengthy graft preparation.

Testing conducted by DCI Donor Services and independent sourceshas demonstrated the patent pending technology:

McCall International Medical DCI Spine
  • Retains the native biomechanical strength of the allograft

  • Preserves the natural biological structure of the tissue by preventing calcium leaching into the storage media

  • Eliminates microcracks that can be formed during freeze-drying processes

  • Provides a biologically favorable environment for issue remodeling

  • Validated for a five-year shelf life

For more info, go to their website: 

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